How To Finish Your Dissertation In One Month: A Quick Guide

Are you ready for a whistle stop tour of how to get you dissertation finished in one month?

Writing a dissertation can very time consuming to be prepared for a bumpy ride it is a major project that can end up being about 200 pages! Ideally as you have been working on your dissertation you will have kept a project diary. In your project diary you will have kept all the little and big pieces of information as you have amassed as you have completed your research, practical work and data analysis.

If you have all that information to hand then let’s start writing.

Allow about 5-6days for each section. At this point you may feel that you are going to finish well before the month is up, but you really need to factor in some time for proof reading and editing. Ideally you will have secured the services of a profession proofreader before you started the work, but you really need to spend the time reading through your own work and making initial changes and you should allow 3-4 days for this.

The other piece of advice that I think is most important is to take breaks often, walk the dog, meet friends for coffee as time spent doing this will refresh you and make your writing more succinct.