Writing On Economic History: Basic Dissertation Guideline

Economy is a very significant sector not only nationally, but also internationally. Therefore, it is crucial to be well versed with its historical background as it enables us to be aware of how man has revolved to establish the contemporary economic history. The following is a basic dissertation guidelines that you should cohere to.

Carry out an in-depth research

Good research is the foundation of great writing. It equips one with adequate knowledge on how to develop the thesis with strong and pertinent evidence. Hence, gather all the useful resources that contain all the information you will require. These are economic textbooks, magazines, related journals and websites. Explore them to the maximum and note down the data.


Prior to writing, assemble all the terminologies, concepts and phrases that best describe your topic. These should be appropriate and simple. Avoid complex words or those that depict double meaning as they may confuse the reader.

Draft a good outline

Draw a rough sketch of the actual work before you commence writing. This should follow the correct format as instructed by the lecturer.

Introduce your paper

The way in which you commence your paper determines the grade you will be awarded. For instance, if it is mind-numbing, the professor will not have an otherwise but give you the lowest grade as he or she will not read through the entire work. Therefore, employ enthralling words and concepts that can keep them on the track.

Support your points strongly

The body should entail ideas that support your thesis statements. This strongly depends on how deep you dug in the available resources. An in-depth research enables one to sufficiently support the ideas with firm evidence and relevant examples.

Summarize your points

In the concluding section, summarize your points as mentioned in the body without further describing them. Avoid adding new ideas that were not initially stated. As a writer, give your recommendations concerning the given subject matter.

Refer your readers

After going through your work, most readers would want to be directed to the citation sources where they can access more information about the same. Hence, it is very crucial to give relevant and reliable sources to your audience in order to label your work dependable.

Read through the entire work

After everything is ready, do not be in a hurry to submit your work due to potentiality of presenting typing errors and spelling mistakes. While proofreading your paper, make the necessary adjustments by correcting all the errors.