5 Great Research Methods You Can Use When Writing A Dissertation

While choosing the topic for your academic writing may seem the most difficult task, a lot of hard work remains on the road to a successful thesis. The first and probably the most important thing to do is to choose the methods for your investigation. These will be your most useful tools for creating a thorough paper. You should also remember to be ready to explain to the readers why you’re using certain methods and how your investigation actually benefits from them.

How to Choose Methods for Your Dissertation

As there are plenty of methods which can be used for your Ph.D. writing, it is important to know how to choose those which will be able to reveal the sense and to reach the goals of your investigation. When choosing appropriate methods, use the following advice:

5 Efficient Methods for Your Dissertation

When it comes to choosing the most efficient methods, it is recommended to try the following five great options:

  1. Observation.
  2. At this stage, you restate the existence of the particular problem you want to investigate. You collect all the available data on your topic and systemize for the reader.

  3. Questionnaires.
  4. This method allows collecting and systematizing of the standardized information which may be scientifically compared which may serve as a basis to your research conclusions.

  5. Documentary analysis.
  6. In this way, researchers have a chance to obtain data from all kinds of thesis-related documents which is later used as a background for their own investigations.

  7. Hypothesis.
  8. By stating the hypothesis, you basically provide the reader with a “possible solution to the problem you investigate”. In other words, you simply suggest your predictions to your experiments.

  9. Experiment.
  10. In this way, you practically test your ideas in order to find out whether your predictions were right or wrong.