Where To Look For A Biology Dissertation Abstract Template

Biology dissertations are among the most interesting papers to read, however, can be phenomenally difficult to write. If you’re reading this then congratulations, you’ve written a biology dissertation and are wondering how to write an abstract. An abstract is basically a summary of your dissertation, but it helps to have a template to make sure you get it right. Often these templates are really just examples to look at to help you understand how you need to structure your abstract.

College and university websites

College and university websites can be treasure troves of information on how to write abstracts, often providing several samples to read through so you can get a better idea of what is expected. All you have to do is find a college or university with a biology department and search for such abstracts.

Essay writing websites

Sometimes these infamous websites contain useful information on how to actually write papers. You may come across a lot of advertising as you search through the website as they try to get you to buy their help in writing your paper, but free information is usually available for you to look through. Here you will find some example abstracts to use as your template in writing your abstract.


Libraries with actual books in them may have become an antiquated concept, but chances are your school does have one of these dinosaurs, and if so it is very likely that you come across a biology dissertation amongst its dusty old shelves. Use the abstract at the beginning of the book as your template. Nothing beats an actual published paper to use as an example for your writing. Using a published piece of work as your example can give you greater insight into how the overall abstract fits in with a professionally written paper.

Writing a summary of what is practically a whole book is a task that every writer who writes books loathes. While writing your abstract it is easy to get lost in what you should or shouldn’t include, or the various rules in structure, and so having a template or example handy creates an opportunity to just focus on writing it well. Because even if you did search through college and university biology pages, or essay writing websites, or the back corners of dusty old libraries, if you have not written the abstract well, then what was the point?