Where To Look For A Quantitative Dissertation Proposal Sample?

Quantitative dissertations are papers that present quantitative research methods and/or statistical analysis techniques. These dissertations approach theories, research questions/hypothesis by formulating strategies and delivering inferences and results, it is a type of dissertation used commonly by undergraduate, graduate, PhD students and scholars to account a large chunk of data that will eventually prove a certain hypothesis.

In this particular type of dissertation the scholars or the researchers use several techniques to conclude a certain generalization for the sample or data being studied or researched on. Seeking quantitative dissertation proposals is often a very strenuous and ambivalent thing to do, because once you establish your own quantitative research on something you would invariably become extremely protective of your work and absolutely deny to showcase it on the public forums unless it is for your own benefit. However there are few forums and places where you should look into.

Research papers that have already been published

Research papers or dissertations that have been published in journals, university portals and public forums for scholars, are the most convenient as well as authentic places to look for proposal samples. While you forage for proposal samples, keep one thing in mind, any fraudulent activities or forgery of the sample is a punishable offense. Thus when your draw impetus from the proposal, make sure you do not go for ‘Command C’ and ‘Command V’ on your keyboard.

Papers from your professor’s past

Meaning you have to maintain a genuine teacher/professor-student relationship. This step on your part not only ensures better advice from your profs but also the trust, which is crucial for anything and everything. Remember, your professors or teachers have passed your age and have done probably the same thing, while you ask for help talk about their own research works or papers. The moment both of you feel comfortable enough, profess your intention and that you will be respectful of the research papers your prof or teacher will share with you.

School/University libraries or database of research works on e-library

There is nothing in the world you cannot find inside those gargantuan four walls of a library. You will find several published journals under category of quantitative research or analysis. E-libraries too have a database where you can purchase paper; nonetheless the proposal samples are for free.

Reference list of research papers

Reference list is the pool of sources and once you locate your topic or the author its not hard to find proposal samples.