Everything You Need To Know About The Main Dissertation Chapters

Are you working on a dissertation project, and would like to know what the main chapters are? Getting organized before you start writing is the correct thing to do, and you’ll see that it does not take much time. By reading the rest of this article to can help get prepared by taking into account what the different chapters are. With that thought in mind, read on for some helpful advice on how to correctly organize your dissertation project:


The introduction as you might have guessed is used to introduce the topic so that the examiners and reader know what to expect. Also a thesis statement must be presented so that the purpose of your project is understood. The statement is should be short and to the point in a way that can be very easily understood – possible even by those who might not have expert knowledge of the subject matter.

There are many projects out there online that you can have a look at for examples of thesis statements if you need help on how to come up with them. Also you can take a look at a bunch of example project so that you can get a sense of how the different chapters look.

Other Chapters

Once you have done the intro you’ll need to face some others chapters which are as follows:

These are only the basic chapters that you should expect, and there are many others ones that you might use if it is required for your specific project. By taking a look at example projects you’ll be able to figure out what chapters can be added.