Basic Instructions For Creating A Dissertation Proposal

When studying a course at university, students will generally be required to complete a range of essays and exams. In fact, most students will have to write a relatively comprehensive academic paper as part of the work, known as a dissertation. However, it is worth bearing in mind that not all students will necessarily have to complete this essay; however, if you do need to write this form of assignment then you may be wondering exactly how to approach the work.

In fact, you might have a good idea about how to write most of the work, but you might still be stuck on various different sections. For example, you may be wondering how you should write the proposal section. The first thing to be aware of is that not all dissertations will necessarily require a proposal section; therefore, you should double check to ensure that you do actually need to write one.

The aim of your proposal section

When writing this form of academic paper, you will generally be writing a considerable piece of work, and the proposal section is designed to outline what you will be doing and why. Furthermore, by doing this, you should be trying to convince someone that your work will be necessary and rewarding. In fact, sometimes you will need to write a proposal section in order to get some funding for your work and, therefore, it is essential that your proposal is written to a high standard, and is able to convince someone to hand over any money to you.

What to include

As mentioned, you are trying to convince the reader as to the importance of your work. Therefore, it is important that you include details about the aims of your work. For example, you should discuss briefly the general topic that you will be writing about, as well as any hypothesis or questions that you aim to answer.

You might also include the details of any research methods that you intend to use, as well as why you have chosen these methods, and what makes you think they are most appropriate.

Finally, a good proposal will include details relating to the work that needs to be done, in terms of any timeframe that you intend to follow. It is important that any timings that you include are realistic, and that you will be able to get the work done by any indicated deadline.